Happy 2-week Bday! 10-15-08

Wouldn’t ya know, Rudy spent the entire day yesterday sleeping until 11:30pm!!!  Just as we packed up all our bags and started heading out the door for the night, he opened his eyes and was wide awake ready to play!!!  So, we put our bags down and hung out a while longer not wanting to miss a chance to interact with him…we enjoyed the 30 minutes we had to celebrate with him on his 2 week birthday before WE began to nod off.  Ha Ha  Today he is holding steady with no major improvements or setbacks.  The longer he stays on the ventilator, the longer it will take to get him off but the doctors remain hopeful.  We appreciate your continued prayers for progress in this area…yesterday’s echo-cardiogram confirmed that structurally his insides are sound!  Go, Rudy, Go!!!

10 thoughts on “Happy 2-week Bday! 10-15-08

  1. I had to go back to this website and check on Rudy – this is GREAT news !
    Hang on, little buddy… just like the other Rudy (from the movie?)…


  2. Happy 2 Weeks Rudy! WHat a cute picture. He looks so much more grown up than 2 weeks old. I’m gonna like this kid, I can tell. love, Kelly

  3. How is it that a little boy with a plastic tube shoved up his nose, wires crossing his chest and a big bandage covering his torso can be so darn CUTE!!! Hang in there little Rudy! Keep drinking that milk and pushing it through your system! We love you!!!

  4. Rudy you are such a handsome boy. Please keep drinking mama’s milk and keep working on healing that beautiful body. You have so much love and so many cheerleaders. Go Rudy Go!!!! love to you all alana

  5. What a privilege it is to be praying for this sweet little gift from God. It’s an encouragement to see the pictures and actually see his little body gaining strength.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all who love this little guy. I know it’s not an easy time for you in several areas. It’s only by His Grace and His strength that you will get through it.

    In the meantime, please know that many people care.

    Laurette (Brian’s mom)

  6. Good morning and happy Friday little Rudy, Trish, and Rolfie.

    I am so happy to see Rudy’s bright, alert eyes loking into the camera. His eyes talk and seem to be saying, “It’s OK Mom and Dad. I am so glad you are here with me. We will get through this together and I love you too. Thanks for the regular updates. I miss and love you very much! PP

  7. Our dear litle Rudy, you are growing so big. It is going to be fun to watch you grow as we have watched your brothers and sister and your cousins grow (and still do). We are praying for you and your family and the Wilson family welcomes you! God Bless…..G’ma Jo

    P.S. G’pa has moved to the Rehab Hospital in K.C. to learn to use the equipment he will need at home and gain strength. Things are moving along and his low sodium problem has been solved. You two are “tube friendly” and that works…..(:

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