A Quick Stop at Home

We are headed back to Los Angeles today after a quick visit home overnight.  Rolf and I came home yesterday to tie up some loose ends, welcome Oma and Opa who arrived Friday from Texas and attend the Rescue Mission’s annual fundraiser.  It was a full but very good day of seeing friends and storing up hugs for our week ahead.  Rolf and I, the kids and Rolf’s parents will head back down to UCLA this morning and spend the day together with Rudy before his surgery bright and early tomorrow morning.

As many of you know, my parents were planning to come and take the first “child care shift” and then the Geylings were going to relieve them in a few weeks.  Shockingly to us all, my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week and has since met with various doctors in preparation for his surgery on Tuesday!!  Of course, there is great concern and disappointment on all our hearts as Gma Jo and Gpa Dick are now on their own journey of faith and recovery and none of us are able to be with each other to support and love on each other in person.  So, I ask that you add my Dad, Dick Wilson, to your prayer list…especially on Tuesday.  Again, I find myself in a place of complete dependance on God forced to approach life one day at a time.

Rudy’s surgery prep will begin tomorrow morning at 7am and Dr. Reemtsen is estimated to begin his work around 8:30.  He’s explained to us that the Norwood procedure is probably the most risky operation done at UCLA (or any hospital) and there is a critical window where Rudy will be on bypass that can’t exceed 40 minutes.  The entire procedure should last about 2 hours and Rudy should be away from us for about four.  Dr. Reemtsen has warned us that the next week will be a long series of highs and lows for Rudy so we are bracing ourselves and praying for emotional strength.

We are grateful for Rolf’s parents’ willingness to kick into action to be with the children.  We have, however, been thrust into our new lifestyle much faster than we anticipated so it has taken everyone off balance a bit…especially Olivia.  Please pray that the kids will extend an abundance of grace to one another and to Oma and Opa and that the times we do share together in the next couple of weeks will be positive and fun (interpretation: that I will refrain from filling the time with instructions for the kids and details that can wait!)  I’m definitely being challenged in the area of “letting go”.

Rest assured that all the comments on the blog are being read and the phone messages and emails from home are making their way to us eventually.  Thank you for your expressions of love and support and, although, we’re not finding time to return everyone’s calls and messages, we are blessed by them and we will be in touch.  Big hugs to you too,  Trish

18 thoughts on “A Quick Stop at Home

  1. We don’t really know what to say…

    We love you.

    You all are in our prayers, and now your parents are too, Trish.

  2. Praying for you and all the Geylings and the Wilsons too! I hope to get up to LA later this week if it works to give you some love in person! God is big! Hugs, Allison

  3. The Wilsons are with you in spirit and are praying fervently for all the Geylings. Remember . . . God knows Rudy’s name! Love you guys, Laurie

  4. Hi sweethearts, How did the kids take your leaving again?
    We had an avalanche of prayer support from our church members this morning. The office had an 8 X 10 color photo off the blog which was displayed on the welcome table saying FBC welcomes you and added RUDY’S HERE.
    so sweet.

    We hope you were able to get some rest in your own bed and that the trip up to S.B. was not too tiring for you.
    Now we await tomorrow wishing we could be with all of you but so glad Franz, Helga and the children will be there. I will keep my cell phone on all day and have it in my pocket.

    Talk with you soon…….God be with us all, Mama and Dad

  5. I am so proud of you two. Whatbeautiful parents and Rudy looks very handsome. We showed off his picture with you and the children today in church. Also, the church had an 8 x 10 picture of Ruddy on the Victors welcome desk this morning and Joan was scheduled to work the table this morning. How neat was that. We had a nice visit Helga and each of the childen Friday night. Max told me about his big special play of intercepting a pass and running it back for a touch down. How neat was that. Well take care and know that I am there with you both and have my arms wrapped around you and Rudy along with the children and Oma and Opa. Love, Dad

  6. We are thinking and praying for all of you. The pictures are all so beautiful of you and your family…Love, Tatum and Daniel

  7. The Manleys will keep a candle burning all morning tomorrow, an expression of our heart’s longing before God for you, until we hear the news that Rudy’s surgery has been completed. You are never far from our thoughts these days, and we are avidly following the blog. Much Love…Michelle and Family

  8. Praying for Rudy,Katie,and granddad Dick,you can be assured all our family are praying and thinking of you here in Ireland. Alans relations,may God bless you all.

  9. Trish, Thank you for these updates. I will be praying all morning tomorrow for you all. My kids will give Max extra smiles at school this week!

    Love, Paige

  10. We love hearing all the details and knowing how we can be praying for you guys…know we are with you in Spirit tomorrow as Rudy goes into surgery. Blessings dear ones…

  11. Love and prayers to all….

    Angels sent from up above,
    Please protect the ones I love.
    Keep Rudy strong.

    Stephanie Mundweil (aka Mrs. M)

    Love and hugs to Wilson, Max and Olivia !!!!!

  12. So helpful to have the updates and detail. We continue to lift you up to the Lord! And will pray for your dad too! Much love to you and big hug too!

  13. We felt so blessed to have you and Rolf at the BAYOU. Your “Amazing Grace” was, just as you sung it…amazing. To have you and Rolf in SB and directing the RM, is a direct answer to prayer and a most precious gift to us, who work to see the Mission survive. Now, to share in the birth of little Rudy, and see how God has, and will work in his life, revives our faith and draws us even closer to you and your family.

    Our prayers are with you today, and of course, tomorrow morning for your Dad, and continually, as hopefully, Rudy’s little body starts to heal.

    Love to you all.

  14. Trish,
    Praying for your dad tomorrow…I’ll mention to Women’s bible study too. Just know that a bunch of women will be lifting him up tomorrow morning!! 🙂 Blessings on you all…I still scrolling thru the posts.
    Hugs, Becky

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