23 Months Today!

We’re enjoying a fun visit with Rolf’s parents.  Rudy is pretty pleased to have Oma and Opa’s undivided attention during the day while the big kids are at school and Rolf is at work.  🙂  Rudy is also very pleased with Oma’s stellar sewing skills as his defective pacifiers are now repaired.  You may recall from past posts that Rudy’s favorite toy is the Wubba-Nub pacifier (introduced to him by cousin Becky when he first came home from the hospital)…a cute, small-enough-to-hold stuffed animal with a pacifier sewn to it’s mouth.  Rudy has about 6 of these little treasures now and in the past several weeks, he has managed to bite right through the nipple of the pacifier forcing me to cut the nipple off so he doesn’t choke on the little pieces he bites off.  Well, clearly he is getting too old for the pacifier and yet developmentally he could still use the “self-soothing” benefits of the darn thing.  So, we were getting pretty desperate as we were down to our last pacifier.  Then yesterday Oma did her magic and managed to take off the old, nipple-less paci and sew on a NEW one…just like that…no special sewing machine…just a needle and regular thread through thick rubber!  Well, at any rate, Rudy is back in paci-heaven with all of his Wubba-Nubs repaired with pacifiers we brought home from the hospital.  Happy 23 Months Little Man!!!  Enjoy those pacifiers while you can…it won’t be long before they go “Bye-Bye” like Wilson and Maxi’s did about 12 and 10 years ago!

Rudy LOVES his paci!
How many can you fit in your mouth at a time?
Two! How about Three?
Big 23-month old Boy!
Ok, this pic doesn't have anything to do with today's post...it's just too cute not to post!